Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If you hear a sound...

By Chung-hyeon Kim

This story dates back one year ago. I experienced a very unique situation when I
was in a dorm behind Jeju National University. I thought I should exercise more,
then I decided to jog around a track every weekday. How late was not that
important. Even at 10 PM or 11 PM I was out to do exercise.
Two weeks later, it was 10 PM. I was on the track. I heard a weird sound while I
was jogging, but I didn't care about it and just tried to ignore it. After a few
minutes the sound came closer to me. I looked around to see if there were any
people jogging, but there was nobody except me. I started to be afraid of that
sound. I was trying to find out what that sound was when I was running.
Unfortunately I considered that it could be a ghost's sound. Honestly, I was not
scared of ghosts or supernatural things before then. My heart ran faster than on
any other day. It seemed like my blood was passing through me quickly. I mean,
adrenalin came up quickly, and I just tried to get out of the track. I attempted to
call some of my friends to overcome my feeling of fear. I was absolutely freaked
After that day, I asked my friend who worked near Jeju National University about
the sound of whistle. He replied to me that there is one facility to raise dogs and
usually they sound like that. Then I was relieved by what he was saying, and I
asked him, "even at 10 PM, right?" he said to me "No, it was impossible, we
finished work earlier than other days yesterday. We finished at 6 PM. Also we
don't work later than 8 PM".
My sight was a blur at that moment. After that, I stopped running or exercising
after 10 PM. and still I think about what that sound was. Was it a dog whistle's
sound? Or a real ghost's?

Pizza grilled by Dolharbang

By Lee Sujin

Today, I would like to tell you about a very surprising and delicious food! It
is pizza grilled by Dolharbang. This special pizza is 1m length! Are you
surprised? Now, I will tell you about the restaurant.

The restaurant's title is The Pizza Grilled by Dolhardang. Do you know
Dolharbang? Dolharbang means a stone grandfather. There are many
dolharbangs in Jeju. The dolharbang insures a person from risks like a patron
saint. The restaurant's title makes the most of Jeju´s characteristics.

It emphasizes that the pizza grilled by Dolharbang is a countryside
restaurant. The pizza's choices are also various. The choices are sweet potato
pizza, kimchi pizza, potato pizza and bulgogi pizza. They can be tasted only in

Do you see the 1m pizza? A lot of people visit the restaurant to eat the 1m
pizza. Of course, the 1m pizza is the typical menu in the restaurant. But many
couples also eat different kinds of pizza. If you visit in Jeju, you must visit
The Pizza Grilled by Dolharbang. Come to Jeju! Come to The Pizza Grilled by