Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In your tour of Jeju, do not miss out on Jungmun Beach

There are many beautiful beaches in Jeju. If you should go to a trip to the island
from the beach is only natural. If so, you've got to go once there is a place to do.
is Jungmun Beach!

Jungmun Beach is located in the Seogwipo. When you arrive at Jungmun, you can
find Jungmun Tourist Information Center that have many tourist attractions,
including beaches and will be able to find another beautiful places.
there are several features Jungmun Beach compared with other beaches.
first, in itself is a tourist destination so easy to go visiting the other beautiful
attractions and there is a columnar zone you can see an unusual rock.
above all, Jungmun beache have strong wave the best place to play.
there are also circumstances where you can enjoy various water sports are
equipped. Water skiing, banana boating, wakeboarding, and even still you can enjoy
surfing. in summer i almost every day go to Jungmun to enjoy it.
while have a huge wave surfing has naturally feel alive

If you are surfing for the first time, learning about borrowing equipment 30,000
won to 20,000 won will be charged. If you could surf, don't need to pay for
learning. enjoy it all day !

there is anything to do significantly Jungmun beach waves flowing in the opposite
direction, especially Ian stream flows must be taken to a safe. If you need to surf,
especially a strong body is needed.

at last Jungmun beach is near by the city also is close to accommodation is
obvious choice.

Jungmun beach so different from the other island's beaches have some of these

Come hear! JE-JU an feel!

- Kang Seunggyun

Saryeoni Forest

Let me introduce Saryeoni forest road. It's in the mountain road in near by Jeolmul. It's from Bizarim to Namwon. Its altitude is about 500m. That road is about 15km. It takes about 3hours to walk from start point to end. It's very beautiful and unique forest. There are a various of trees and plants. Moreover, there are even a few Oreum in Saryeoni forest oreum. A various of animals live in it, too. It's healty to walk in Sareoni. I recommend to take a walk in the forest road. You can take it easy with breathing clean and fresh air.
We can go to there by bus or car. There are a few bus to go there from Jeju city. Have a chance to walk in nature.
 - Kim Jihwan

Mr. Pizza in City Hall - A Review

 This is a review of Mr.pizza in city hall.

I went to Mr.pizza last Friday(May. 6. 2011) with my lab family
(6 people). I was very hungry because I had participated in a lab
meeting. the lab meeting had lasted three hours, so we decided to
eat dinner at the Mr.pizza in city hall. Inside the restaurant, it was
comparatively hot, and there were many people. Restaurant is very
small with ten colorful tables and many comfortable chairs. Also, this
restaurant had a salad bar in the center. And I saw peaple making
pizza through the big glass. I looked at the pizza maker. It was
obvious that he was annoyed. But the staff treated people kindly. We
ordered a large size Gesalmontang pizza (₩20,720), a large size
Omyrib pizza (₩21,200), Coke, 15 hot wings (₩9,900), and used the
salad bar. the salad bar was set out buffet style. My Frist impression
was the economical nature of the salad bar. But many kinds of salad
was not ready. Not so good. The frist food arrived our table. frist
food was the hot wings. the hot wings was very delicious and not
spicy. But wings was very small. Next, the main food arrived two
different pizzas. The Gesalmontang pizza was covered in crab. So It
tasted very soft and light. I like this pizza. But another pizza, the
Omyrib pizza, was the worst. When I tasted the pizza, It had only a
sweet tasted. So the Gesalmontang pizza very good, other pizza was
the tasted bad.

Finally, I thought about Mr.pizza price, which is right. The taste was
normal. And It was large in quantity.

 - Yang Yongjin

The Apple Tree Bar - A Review

I'd like to introduce a bar on the JeJu city hall street. The name of
this bar is "the Apple Tree", is located at the corner of the batting
cages in the city hall street.

On arrival, you might be surprised by the interior and the mood.
Because this bar uses candle lamps, the light is lower than others.
However, you can feel calm and peaceful. I think that it is the best
place not only to hang out with a few friends but also to want to
drink alone. If you are with your friends, this mood will make your
friendship more strong. If you are alone, you will be in the mood of
sweet musics. Although the space of this bar is small, it is silent.
And also, this bar has kind employees that will satisfy you. The best
pro of this bar is the price of alcohol. It is more inexpensive than
the prices at other bars. Although the beer prices are the same, the
whisky is much inexpensive. You might be surprised by the prices of
alcohol again.

Because I like to drink whisky, I prefer this bar.
I'd like to recommend it to those who want to drink inexpensive
alcohol and to eat simple side dishes such as French fry and dry

 - Kang Jongseok

Pho Bay - A Restaurant I Like

My favorite restaurant is Pho bay. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant is located in Yeondong of shinjeju. There are many tasty foods like rice wraps and rice noodles. I go there to eating out with my family, but I don’t go often. Because the foods give low satisfaction for its price. They are expensive! The price of rice wraps is 25000won and the price of rice noodle is 8000won.
When I go there, I always eat Vietnamese rice wrap. Or I eat rice noodles, and I like the herb tea in this restaurant. There are healthy foods there. Rice wrap especially has all the nutrients you need. And foods aren’t heavy on the stomach and taste good. So I really like there.

- Kim Jiyun

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Won-Ang Waterfall

There are many famous places in Jeju. But also, There are many places which many people don't know and don't here about. Now, I'd like to introduce one which you might not know. Do you know Won-Ang waterfall? Won-Ang waterfall is located in Don-Nae-Ko stream. Won-Ang waterfall is 300meters far away from the entrance. "Won-Ang" means a mandarin duck in English. It is small and cute like a mandarin duck. Because the speed of water of the waterfall is very slow, you can feel peaceful. The route toward the waterfall is made of wood and is narrow. Because It is surrounded by many big trees, you can feel cool.
The length of the waterfall is 5meters. It is very short. The color of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is emerald. To relax your body and your eyes, this is a good place.

- Kang Jongseok

Jeju Phoenix Island

I would like to introduce jeju phoenix island. Jeju phoenix island is a very beautiful resort. This place is better than other place in jeju.
Frist reason, you do rest very relaxable. This resort is vert silent. And you do SPA that it give relaxable for you.
Second, you can play sport. For example, the sport that you can play possible golf, swimming, jogging, and ocean sport.
Third, you can enjoy cultural. cultural have media art gallery and art gallery. And this resort is architectural design was created by famous architect. Jeju phoenix island buildings draw plans by Tadao Ando and Mario Botta. They are very famous architect. So, this resort buliding is very creative and wonderful in harmony with nature. and you admire cultural in Jeju phoenix island. As a resert, Jeju phoenix island is a vert unique place for my thought.

- Yang Yongjin

Byul Bit Nu Lee Gong Won

Have you ever heard about Byul Bit Nu Lee Gong Won? it has just opened 1 or 2 years ago, so even if you have had an experience of travelling to Jeju before, it might be totally new. It is located near Jeju National University but there's no bus to go there directly so you should take a bus that goes to Seo gwi po through 5.16 roads and you'd better get off at Chun Gang bus stop right after the JNU entrance bus stop. The entrance fee is W5,000 won for adults(children and teenager fees are more cheaper than that) and you can book the admission tickets by its web-site (http://star.jejusi.go.kr/). It is an astronomical observatory that gives you a chance to watch the universe by doing some experimental activities. For example there's a motion simulator which can ride with 8 people at the same time it will makes you feel variety effects (Water jet, Air Jet, Leg Trigger, Etc.) during watching some animations also there's a planetarium where can watch videos that related the universe with huge screen. Moreover they will provide some guide programs to you if you want. Why don't you go there? it looks like a place just for children or family at the first appearance but it is also well known for the one of best place for a date these days.

- Kang Hyunjin

Jeju Olle Course 12

Jeju olle course 12 is a beautiful course in the west. This is almost 6 hours spent time on the Olle course. First of all, it starts at Jeju Eco-friendly Cultural Experience. And then following the Olle signs, you can see fields. There are many potato fields and garlic fields. And there is fresh air and the pond of Sindo. On the path, you can walk through countryside and listen to the natural sound like bird songs so on. It’s so peaceful.
Next, I want to introduce a famous path in Olle course 12. There is Suwolbong, Dangsanbong and Eongal coast. From Suwolbong on the peak, you can see a group of small islands: Chagwido, Jukdo, Nunseom and Dansanbong and eongal coast on the west coast of Jeju. You can get blue sky, blue sea and green lands in your sight. That’s beautiful view! Suwolbong and the coast are famous places for scenery in the west.     
Finally, the highlight of course 12 is the coast around Dangsanbong. It’s also my favorite path in Olle course 12. I especially love the sunset glow that is spread out over the evening sky and sea. The sunset scenery here is gorgeous. So I usually hang out here at sunset. It is fantastic and I feel excited.

- Kim Jiyun